comsic tortoise band




Cosmic Tortoise is a collective band project spawned in the verdant mists of New Zealand.

A summer-drenched midnight swim; soaring vocals over infectious dance-grooves; the pop of Foster The People colliding with the organic textural magic of Radiohead.  

On the smaller stage
CT is an intimate, atmospheric reverie;

On the larger
An uplifting dance party; a visual journey; an immersive experience. Fun yet emotion-fuelled, dreamy yet grounded. It is dopamine embodied.


"Picking up the pebble
Closed eyed, crunch the beach
Eddy round the beacon bloom
They're interfacing up to me

In the air they glide the zephyr wave
Reaching common space
Antennae brush the flower bowl
And sure enough the nectar's sweet
The nectar's sweet..."

 from "Hyperspace"


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