CTP #023 - Jackie Turner (Bananageddon) / by Ryan Ferris

Jackie Turner is the team leader for an upcoming documentary called Bananageddon about the impeding commercial extinction of the Cavendish Banana. 

We delve into the origins of the Banana, the global influence of "Big Banana" - companies like Chiquita and Dole, the potentially catastrophic economic impact of the loss of the Cavendish, Monoculture vs alternative agricultural systems, potassium, different banana varieties, what those certification stickers on bananas actually mean and how much longer we might still enjoy the Cavendish. 


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Discussed in the Podcast:

Lord Cavendish
Panama Disease
Date Banana
Earth University
The Third Plate by Dan Barber
Cultivating and Ecological Conscience
Greenwave Seaweed Farming

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Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand