CTP #024 - JMR II (Nutrigenomics, Ecofacism and Floating Cities) / by Ryan Ferris

I'm joined by Michael and James for our now more regular chat about anything and everything.

With all three of us running on 5 hours sleep and a few drams of whisky we chat:
nurtigenomics; ecofacism; mercantilism; The Expanse; Peter Thiel and Seastading; Trump's Space Force; Noopept + all sorts else.

...and we extend a very generous offer to analyse your dreams.  Send them in to cosmictortoisemusic@gmail.com  ;)

A reminder that these episodes are more of a hangout format compared to the researched interviews and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Next episode we're with economist and Elephant in the Brain co-author Robin Hanson. 

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